Interested in volunteering at Franco-Festival?  Here are the crews that are available for you to volunteer with:

Preschool Zone

Team Leader: Tanya Beaulieu
6 volunteers for each 3 hour shift (18 volunteers)


Organize craft centres and encourage children to participate. Make sure children are comfortable and having fun while conversing in French. (French-speaking volunteers only)

Ticket Sales

Team Leader: Stéfanie Middleton
14 volunteers


Ensure that everyone who enters the festival site is sold a ticket and given the correct wristband. Other responsibilities include administering a survey.  Volunteers are responsible for giving patrons wristbands in exchange for their tickets or collecting money from those who don't have tickets.  In addition, they must communicate to festival patrons that they may NOT remove their wristbands, or if they do so, they need to come back to ticket sales immediately, with the original wristband, to receive a new one.  In addition, there should be a Ticket Sales volunteer who can be out in the crowd (should one form) to direct people into one of two line-ups: one for people buying tickets, and one for people who have bought tickets and are exchanging them for wristbands.

Green Zone

Team Leader: Catherine Sajna
8 to 12 volunteers


To ensure that the festival site is kept clean and that garbage and recyclables are placed in proper receptacles. In addition, the team is responsible for making sure that the festival site is clean after the festival. 

There are covers for garbage cans that indicate which ones are for recyclables, and the team should ensure that as many of these are used as possible, spread out all over the festival site. They should be doing regular patrols to make sure that no garbage cans are overflowing, and that bags are being changed as soon as it becomes necessary. 

Franco-Ontarain Merchandise Sales

Team leader:
2 volunteers per shift (6 total)


Promote and sell Franco-Ontarian merchandise. Manage the money and the inventory.

Ground Travel

Team leader: Dominique Chénard
3 volunteers


To provide on-time and efficient transportation to performers from their accommodations to the festival site and back, and to and from the airport when they arrive in, and depart from, Thunder Bay. Volunteers will have a valid driver’s license and their own vehicle, and be willing to use it over the festival weekend.  


Team leader: David Perron
3 volunteers


Hospitality volunteers are tasked with running the hospitality area backstage, which includes feeding all performers (cooking, serving, etc), an making sure they are comfortable. Hospitality also includes several other special events during the weekend (not just the festival).

Set-up and take-down

Team leader: Gerry Valcourt
8 volunteers (Friday afternoon/evening)


The Site Crew is responsible for maintaining and repairing anything on the Festival site, as well as doing all of the on-site preparatory work that must be done before the festival. Site Crew volunteers should be prepared for labour-intensive work, as construction and heavy labour is generally a part of the job requirement. 

Volunteers should be prepared to participate in other projects that must be completed in order to put on the festival. - installation of tables, chairs and booths, affixing logos to Main Stage, setting up bleachers, tents, banners, etc. 

Historical Games and Sports 

Tam leader : Gilles Chénard
8 volunteers


Set-up and manage the historical games area according to the schedule and rules established by the Team Leader. Ensure participants are enjoying themselves and are doing so in a safe environment. Volunteers for their section must speak French fluently. 

Senior Activities

Team leader: Vivianne Gratton
2 volunteers


French-Canadian Cuisiine

Team leader : Natalie Malette
3 volunteers

Responsibilities :

Help out at thé food kiosks. These volunteers must speak French, manage money and be comfortable with the public.

Historical banners 

Team leaser : Élodie Bedouet
2 volunteers

Responsibilities :

Greet and inform all guests in the historical exhibit section.